Race informations


Sunday, 18h of October 2020


Peter-Kaiser-Platz, 9490 Vaduz



10 km Running / 60 km Biking / 10 km Running

Vaduzer Duathlon

5 km Running / 30 km Biking / 5 km Running


10 km Running / 60 km Biking / 10 km Running

Entry Fee:

Powerman Agegroups

Earlybooker before 2020-02-29                       CHF/EUR.          115.--
Normal from 2020-03-01                                  CHF / EUR.       145.--

Powerman Team

Earlybooker before 2020-02-29                       CHF/EUR.          130.--
Normal from 2020-03-01                                  CHF / EUR.       150.--

Vaduzer Duathlon Agegroups

Earlybooker before 2020-02-29                       CHF/EUR.         60.--
Normal from 2020-03-01                                  CHF / EUR.       80.--

Mark-up from 2020-06-01 to 2020-06-12       CHF / EUR      20.--

Powerkids: CHF/EUR 30.-- cash at Raceday

Start Numbers

No start numbers are sent, the start number issue is in the start zone at the Rheinparkstadion

Bike Check-in:

Transition zone (Marktplatzgarage) from 8:00 p.m.

Starting Shedule

08:30 kids (kids route)
10:00 Elite Women (Powerman)
10:50 Elite men (Powerman)
11:00 age group men 55+, age groups women (Powerman)
11:50 age groups men -55 (Powerman)
12:30 all age groups Vaduzer Duathlon

Rules of the Competition

The competition rules of the ITU are in effect. Article E2.2.d.i Drafting is not allowed. A bike must remain at least 12 meters behind the bike in front of them. A blue card is given for Drafting violations on the bike course and a yellow card is given for other violations. A red card is used for disqualifications – see the rules section.


Powerman:                   Liscense from a recognized association

Vaduzer/Duathlon:      No

Powerkids:                    No

Track Description:

Running Track

2.5 km Lap, fast, GPS, measured track, 90% Asphalt, 10% Field Parts, through the center of Vaduz and the vineyards of the Princely Court Winery.

Biking Track

30 km Lap, fast, GPS measured track, ca. 100 Hm, partly along the Rhein River through the communes Vaduz, Schaan, Gamprin and Ruggell


In accordance with the ruleset of the TRI-FL (Triathlon Association of Liechtenstein), all participants of the Powerman distance must have a valid Liscense. All athletes have the option to by a day-liscense on location. All proceeds go to TRI-FL, for the purpose of supporting duathlons an triathlons in Liechtenstein.

All Liscenses from recognized organizations well be recognized. 

Price Money

Price for all finishers

Official Catering

During the race we provide water, hypotonic an carbo brings als well as energy bars and bananas.